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Our experience

Our company is established in 1987.
We dedicate to all types of tiling, house reforms and construction in general. We are working in Spain and France both for individuals and real estate, also we cooperate with contractors and subcontractors for other companies laying tile and flooring.
Our company is equipped with modern machinery and necessary tools to carry out all types of work and placement of pavement. (Mortar pump etc...)
Moreover, our team of tailors is fully qualified and trained. By other hand we have long experience in construction, which allows us to accomplish more difficult tasks and ALWAYS with the best quality.
We do all types of construction work: roofs, walls, drywall, flooring, tiles, stairs, electricity, plumber, drainage, retaining walls, pools, aluminum services etc....
We have competitive prices.
Quality guaranteed


2014 France Paving blocks, finials with metal and wood 400m2
2014 France Pendings, Grid drain, Tiling 1000m2
2014 France Porcelain floor, Tiling, Marble 500m2
2013 Spain Porcelain floor, Tiling, Marble 350m2
2012 Spain Porcelain floor, Tiling 700m2
2013 France Porcelain floor, Tiling 500m2
2012 Spain Porcelain floor, Marble 2000m2

Agglomeration of Perpignan

2014, France, Perpignan

Aglomeración de Perpignan a Aglomeración de Perpignan b Aglomeración de Perpignan c
  • Paving blocks, finials with metal and wood

Camping La Marende

2014, France, Argelès-sur-Mer

Camping 1 Camping 2 Camping 3
  • Pendings, Grid drain
  • Marble
  • Tiling
  • Porcelain floor

Chalet particular

2014, France

Casa 1a Casa 1b Casa 1c
  • Porcelain floor

Hotel Calma Blanca

2013, Cadaques, Spain

Cadaques 1 Cadaques 2 Cadaques 3
  • Marble
  • Tiling of marble